The freight trucking industry is worth $273.2 billion as of 2023. Freight trucking is one of the most important industries in the United States. Without it, it would be difficult for supplies and products to reach their destinations on time.

Flatbed loads are also important in this industry. But what are the top flatbed trucking companies in the United States as of 2023? Keep reading and learn more about the best flatbed hauling companies below.

Landstar System for Flatbed Loads

This flatbed trucking company is one of the oldest options around since it was founded in 1968. This also makes it one of the best flatbed trucking companies available. With so many decades of experience, it makes sense that this company is very skilled at what it does.

Flatbed trucking is not your average type of trucking because it does not involve a shipping container. The products to be shipped are instead strapped to the back of a flatbed trailer. They do not have roofs or walls.

The contents to be shipped must be protected with tarps and straps to make sure they stay put while on the road. Landstar System knows all about shipping items correctly.

This is why they have stayed in business for so long. They know exactly how to deal with flatbed trailers. You can also reap the benefits of flatbed trucking when opting for this company.

This is because flatbed trucking has the benefit of easy loading and unloading. This saves time in the shipping process.

The Details

Knowing how to choose a flatbed trucking company is also important.

Choosing one with many years of experience like this one is always a good choice. You should also look out for trucking companies that offer high-quality services as well. This ensures that whatever you need shipped will get shipped in a fast and efficient way.

This trucking company also specializes in taking products across the border. It also has advanced transportation management skills and is very good at handling expedited cargo. These are important benefits that few other flatbed trucking companies have.

Landstar System is also heavy specialized in case you need to ship heavy flatbed equipment and other products. The company also has a wide variety of different flatbed trailers to accommodate every type of load. It also has almost 3,000 flatbed trailers.

The more trailers a company has, the more efficient its transportation process will be. This ensures that there will never be a lack of trailers to take your products where they need to go.

TMC Transportation

This is another very old trucking company that has been around since 1972. The trucking company has learned a lot over these many decades. This ensures that it knows every inch of the flatbed trucking industry.

It knows how to properly handle flatbed cargo, how to transport and unload it, and so on. It also knows how to get to different locations in short periods. This ensures that your cargo won’t be late or damaged.

This trucking company is also heavy specialized and can take on a large variety of different shipments. It is not known exactly how many flatbed trailers this company has. But the number must be substantial as it is very efficient at ensuring that every shipment is taken care of.

It also has a variety of different flatbed trailers such as 48- and 53-foot step-deck options. The company’s headquarters are in Des Moines, Iowa, but it has a wide reach across the county. This is a great option if you need things to be shipped within the United States.

It also has around 2,000 tractors which keep the company’s operations in constant motion.

PS Logistics

This is a relatively new trucking company that has been around since 2018. Though it is new, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t experienced and talented. This company has already proven itself to be among the best flatbed trucking companies out there.

It is heavy specialized but it also handles freight brokerage. It also has temperature-controlled shipping for more delicate shipments as well as bulk hauling. It has more than 8,500 trailers.

This ensures that there will always be a trailer available for your cargo. It also has a variety of flatbed trailers such as 48-foot trailers and stretch trailers. This makes it easy to fit all the cargo you need onto the trailers.

The company is also known for being fast and efficient when taking cargo to another location. This ensures that there will not be any unnecessary waiting around.

Haulers Logistics

Haulers Logistics is a trucking company that handles many different types of trucking. You can rely on this option for normal trucking operations as well as more complicated ones. If you need to haul heavy loads, this trucking company can help you.

This is also true for less-than-truckload shipping and full truckload freight capacity. Backhauls are also available when you choose this option. This is important in case you need a more complex haul.

Most other trucking companies don’t offer these freight options. Choosing this company can give you an extra step ahead of the competition. Their services are very fast and reliable too.

All About Flatbed Trucking Companies

Flatbed loads are important for getting items to another location quickly and efficiently. Some of the best flatbed trucking companies are Landstar System, PS Logistics, and TMC Transportation. Haulers Logistics is also good for a more varied trucking experience.

Choosing the right trucking option will make the shipping process much smoother. If you need trucking services but don’t know where to look, look no further than our options.

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