For businesses that need to ship their products to customers, transportation is critical. Speed and cost-effectiveness matter. That’s where a freight broker comes in.

These professionals act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers in the transportation industry.

In this article, we’ll examine what freight brokers do and talk about how they can help businesses of all sizes. Read on to learn more!

What is a Freight Broker?

A freight brokerage arranges the transportation of goods for shippers or manufacturers.

Think of a freight broker as a go-between between shippers and carriers. The broker matches shippers and carriers. They also negotiate rates and manage the logistics of the transportation process.

Freight brokers typically earn a commission on the transaction. The shipper or manufacturer pays the commission.

Many brokers specialize in specific types of freight or transportation modes. Some offer trucking services, while others focus on rail or air freight.

Freight brokers are essential to the supply chain. They’re vital for businesses that transport products long distances or across international borders.

What Does a Freight Broker Do?

If you’ve never worked with one, you’re likely wondering what is a broker.

Let’s say you produce widgets. You must move your products to your customers. You have a shipping department that packages your products. Who do they call to pick up and transport them?

You need a carrier to move the widgets.

Freight brokers source and match carriers with shippers like you who need to move goods. Here are some of the other primary freight broker responsibilities:

  • Negotiate rates with carriers
  • Schedule pickup and delivery
  • Track shipments
  • Ensure compliance
  • Handle payment and billing

Using a freight broker allows a business owner to focus on what they do best—producing products. Next, we’ll discuss how freight brokers handle their responsibilities.

Freight Broker Responsibilities

You might look at what freight brokers do and assume someone within your own company can handle things. However, these tasks require dedicated focus and a high level of expertise.

Finding and Matching Shippers With Carriers

The primary responsibility of a freight broker is to match shippers who need to move their goods with carriers who can transport them. While that may sound simple, there are many carriers to choose from, each offering at least a few unique services.

You want a broker familiar with each carrier and how that carrier can best serve the needs of each unique shipper.

Rate Negotiations

Freight brokers negotiate rates with carriers on behalf of shippers. Shippers rely on their skills to secure the best possible prices for transportation services.

Shipping Logistics

Brokers arrange for pickup and delivery. This entails coordinating schedules between the shippers and carriers. Freight brokers also track shipments and handle any issues that arise during the shipping process.


The transportation industry must comply with multiple regulations, including those associated with safety and insurance. Shippers that move goods across international borders must also comply with customs regulations.

Managing Paperwork

Freight brokers handle the paperwork associated with transportation services, including bills of lading, customs documents, and other essential documentation.

Payment and Billing

Freight brokers manage all payments and billing for shipping services. They collect fees from the shippers and pay carriers for their services.

Customer Service

Freight brokers provide customer service to both shippers and carriers. This means they’re experts at addressing any issues that arise. A good broker ensures carriers deliver shipments on time and in good condition.

Ultimately, freight brokers play an essential role in the transportation industry by helping shippers find the most cost-effective and efficient carriers to transport their goods. They also help carriers find new business opportunities by matching them with shippers who need their services.

How to Find the Right Freight Brokerage

When hiring a freight broker, following a few key steps is essential to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. It all begins with research.


While you can research potential freight brokers online, other ways exist to find the right brokerage for your business. Ask for referrals from other companies. Don’t forget to check with industry associations.

Make a list of potential brokers to contact.

Initial Consultation

From the list of potential brokers, schedule an initial consultation with each one to discuss your shipping needs. Discuss the types of cargo you need to transport and any special requirements you may have.

Use the initial consultation to ask questions about the broker’s experience, licensing, insurance, and pricing.

Check References

Ask each broker for references from previous clients and follow up with those references to get a better understanding of the broker’s track record.

Compare Quotes

After narrowing down the list of potential brokers, compare quotes from each to determine which offers the best value.

Sign a Contract

Before hiring a freight broker, sign a contract. The contract outlines the terms of your agreement.

Your contract should include a breakdown of the broker’s responsibilities, pricing, payment terms, and other critical details.

Maintain Open Communications

Once you’ve hired a freight broker, maintain open communication to ensure that your shipments are being handled correctly and that they address any issues promptly. Following these steps, you can hire a freight broker who will provide high-quality service and help you transport your goods safely and efficiently.

How to Choose a Freight Broker

Finding a freight broker isn’t the most challenging piece of the puzzle. You must choose a freight broker that will meet your unique shipping needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Choosing the right freight broker can ensure your goods are transported safely and efficiently. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a freight broker:

  • Reputation
  • Experience
  • Technology
  • Price

It’s relatively simple to find out about a broker’s reputation by looking at their online reviews. Of course, if they have a testimonial page on their website, that’s also extremely helpful.

A broker that uses up-to-date technology makes it easier to track shipments in real-time. The technology lets the brokers provide transparent reporting on delivery times, delays, and other vital metrics.

While price is a factor, it shouldn’t be the only consideration. Look for a broker that offers competitive rates while still providing high-quality service.

Other Factors to Consider

Protecting goods to arrive to customers in excellent condition is always a concern for shippers. A customer receiving damaged goods can tarnish the shipper’s reputation. Ensure the broker you choose carries the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your goods in case of loss or damage during transport.

Licensing and certification are other factors you’ll need to consider. Ensure the broker you choose is licensed and certified by the appropriate regulatory agencies. This includes holding a valid freight broker license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Need Freight Brokerage Services?

Working with a freight broker means your business can access a wide range of carriers, enjoy better rates, and ensure that they handle your shipments in compliance with all relevant regulations.

A freight broker allows access to a wide range of carriers. They also secure better rates for their clients. You won’t need to worry about compliance either.

Contact us to learn more about our freight brokerage services and how we can help you meet your transportation needs.

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